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Röyksopp's Journal

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17th April 2009

stainsteelrat4:54pm: I was recently fortunate enough to go to the Ether Festival 09, which had Royksopp with Fever Ray fronting.

My photos are here, but check out these AMAZING photos from Tony Hart, who won the photography competition that got you free tickets and a front-of-stage photography pass (note you'll need to scroll down the blog a bit to get to the Ether Festival photos).

Edit: A better and more detailed gallery from the same guy.

I also stupidly forgot to add that Royksopp were FANTASTIC, and played a double encore.
Current Mood: amazed

23rd March 2009

justef8:14pm: Finally!!! =))
My friends. listen the new album!!!

And you can download it Here!
There is japan version whith a track -Were You Ever Wanted

26th January 2009

stainsteelrat6:35pm: Hi folks,

For those that are interested, I syndicated Royksopp.com's news feed: royksoppnews

Current Mood: sleepy

24th January 2009

stainsteelrat10:28am: Hi folks,

Just in case anyone missed it, the boys of R are playing a gig at the Royal Festival Hall in the UK on the 21st April. They are offering members of Royksopp.com a chance to get tickets ahead of everyone else - you just need to register, login, and follow the event link.

I just bought mine, and noticed there aren't many left.
Current Mood: happy

21st January 2009

justef7:31pm: Happy Up Here
My friends, listen the brand new song of Royksopp "Happy Up Here" royksopp.com/music/happy-up-here

Remind me Eple and very fresh! =)

5th January 2009

stainsteelrat3:48pm: For those who've not seen already, Royksopp's new album Junior will be out on the 23rd March (confirmed at Royksopp.com).
Current Mood: relaxed

16th December 2008

stainsteelrat8:14am: For those who didn't know, Royksopp are giving away a free track on Royksopp.com to celebrate their birthday :-)
Current Mood: good

12th August 2008

maninearphones5:38pm: Hi all!

does anybody know whether Royksopp plans to make any release till the end of this year?

ps: the same Q was many monthes ago :(
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